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We are a family owned company with many years of experience providing maintenance and repair services for residential and commercial projects. Having a reliable, honest professionals to better service you




Welcome to S&P Smart Solutions LLC! My name is Diana S Perez, Member Manager of S&P Smart Solutions and wife of Franklin Perez with a daughter, Isabella.
So, why S&P Smart Solutions?

I'm a licensed, Property & Casualty Agent with 19 years of experience. Not too long back, I was working with well-known companies in the Insurance Industry. After Meeting with many homeowner's customers and paying attention to their concerns about NON-PAID claims and how their insurance premiums have increased more than expected. We have identified a solution to our customer's needs by offering a residential preventive maintenance plan service. This will not only help our customers reduce unforeseen damages on their property but will also  help  reduce the overall cost. Check out our plans! and Thank you for reaching us.